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Learn how to make wholesome dinners for every night of the week with these delicious, wholehearted meals from Rachel Quenzer in Fresh From the Farmhouse. Known for her rustic, American-style cooking, she offers her collection of incredible recipes that can be made by home cooks of all levels, whether you live in the country or a city. As a farm owner who is well versed in food sustainability and the seasonal growth of ingredients (and also raises her own chickens!), Rachel has carefully crafted these recipes to make homestead cooking accessible for every reader. Now you can whip up these nourishing meals that capture the heart of homestyle cooking, with whole, real foods including fresh herbs, hearty proteins and colorful fruits and vegetables. For city dwellers, suburbanites or anyone who has dreamed of living the country life, authentic farm-to-table cooking has never been easier with these comforting recipes.

Impress your dinner guests with the Whole Roasted Rosemary & Thyme Chicken with Peaches and Potatoes. Curl up on a cozy evening with a bowl of Chicken Pot Pie Soup with Drop Biscuits. Feeling like having a lighter meal? Try the Grilled Zucchini Salad with Chickpeas, Mint & Feta Cheese. Additional recipes include homemade bread, chips and dressings to elevate these already delectable meals. Readers will also find a helpful and intuitive guide of seasonal ingredients to plan the best meals possible for maximum flavor.

With this all-in-one guide to hearty, home cooked meals that can be enjoyed on a cold winter night or a warm summer evening, you’ll transform your kitchen into a farmhouse of fantastic dinners.